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Harriet Lamb is Chief Executive of Fairtrade International. She began her Fairtrade career as Banana Coordinator at Fairtrade International before joining the Fairtrade Foundation in 2001. During her time at the Foundation, she oversaw a growth in sales from 37 million euros in 2001 to nearly 1.5 billion euros in 2011. Her work has taken her around the globe to spend time with farmers and workers and understand the challenges and impacts of Fairtrade.

Harriet is the author of “Fighting the Banana Wars and Other Fairtrade Battles,” published in 2008, and has won numerous awards for her contributions to sustainable development and business. Throughout her career, social justice has been a connecting thread. Harriet has worked with farmers and landless labourer cooperatives in India, campaigned on issues such as the national minimum wage in the UK, and the establishment of an EU code of conduct on arms sales.

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Unlocking the power of the many: the Fair Trade movement

Inspired by the potential of ordinary people, Fair Trade has gone from being a lonely notion to a global reality. Harriet Lamb looks at how it got there, and what should happen next.